Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: Memories of Maggie

As I have been working on building the content for my blog, and sorting through photos to post here, I have been coming across so many that make me both smile and tear up. And, not surprisingly, many of them are of my sweet Maggie.

One of the reasons I smile is that nearly all of them are when she was either sleeping or her eyes were closed because she was terrified of the camera. I literally couldn't even hold a camera up; if I did she would start shaking and run and hide so there's lots of blurry photos of her fleeing or of her tail as she flees.

That was one of the best things about getting cell phones that had a camera on them. She didn't know I was taking her picture because she wasn't afraid of the phone at all. Even then, she was hard to get a picture of and didn't like it too much. Hmm, kind of like her owner, it is one of the things I dislike the most.

I came across this one today, very bittersweet for sure but it makes me laugh. It was taken almost exactly 5 years ago today. I notice that I had the same New Year's garden flag out then that I have out now. I am nothing if not consistent!

My Ms. Maggie, January 7, 2007, celebrating the New Year in one of her favorite spots!   

It makes me smile because I love seeing her in one of her favorite places. She always loved to be out on the porch with me and like me, always made herself very comfortable out there especially when we would sit in the sun.

She has been gone now for a little over 2 years and every once in a while, I still find myself looking for her to come greet me when I come home from somewhere, or wishing she was there to snatch up the crumbs that have spilled on the floor.

And, because this blog is about celebrating the good things that have happened in my 50 years, I am going to celebrate the fact that she was part of my life for nearly 12 years, instead of being sad that she is gone


  1. They never leave our hearts - your feelings remind me of my story yesterday! Bittersweet but happy.....though I will say there are plenty of other pups out there that need a home - aren't you ready to rescue a pup to give you lots of kisses and love whether you are gone for the day, or just 5 minutes!

  2. That is true Donna, they never do. And it does kind of sound like you yesterday.

    We rescued her from the pound and I know that there are plenty more that need rescuing too, just not ready for all that goes with it and where I am in my life now.