Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 19: Setting It in Stone

It is now actually Day 20 and I have just realized I did not write anything yet for Day 19. I have been busily working on finishing up my very late portion of the next book chapter. I am nearly done which is a good thing. Then it is on to the last full chapter I have to write, and then comes the Introduction, the gathering of images, and the taking of images that we don't have, our own edit of these chapter drafts, and finally, submitting it all before our deadline of April 30.

I am trying not to get overwhelmed by this now very close deadline and to keep my writing going. So, I am pulling out every trick I have ever used to remind myself to just focus on what I am currently supposed to be doing and that is writing. After all, editing is easier than writing and only comes AFTER it is written.

And, I have found something that has been helping me do this. Some of you may know that in addition to posting quotes on my Facebook page, and sharing them on here, I also have a small collection of stones with quotes, or even single words, to inspire and motivate me. I have even given some of these stones to those people who mean the most to mean.  

As I have struggled with keeping my momentum going while working on this book, I have found them very helpful because as I have written here before, I need to see things right in front of me to really get them, and literally seeing it set in stone helps. If nothing else, I have some shiny objects that I can stare at to distract me and that in itself helps to keep the stress level down.

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