Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4: Still Seeing Sunsets With My Dad

As those of you who are my Facebook friends know, I take and post a lot of sunset photos. I do live close to the Pacific Ocean and I do like to watch the sunset.

So, when I was thinking about putting this blog together I was telling myself not to overdo them and at least wait for a week before writing about them or posting a photo of one. Not surprisingly, I couldn't wait and it is only Day 4 and I am already there!
 It wasn't my intention to go and watch the sunset today. Although to be honest, it's not really something I usually plan for, it just happens. It just seems to call me. As I wrote the other day, I live in the area where I was born, where I spent my earliest years, and where that sunset was a big part of our daily lives.

This was (and still is) due to my dad. He is now 80, and he lives in a beautiful house across the street from the ocean. He's also that rare creature in LA; a native Angeleno, which means he's been seeing them set over this same ocean his whole life. I can't even begin to count the number of sunsets he has seen in his life. He never tires of them, nor does his enthusiasm for sharing them ever wane.

Which brings me to why I am already celebrating the sunset. I am proud to say that I was at the Redondo Beach Library doing some research for my book, returning some library books, and renewing my library card and it was almost sunset. As I walked back to the car I looked towards the ocean and that was it, I was once again called to it, and headed towards the Esplanade to see it.

Since it is Wednesday, I wasn't sure my dad would be home. This is his day to volunteer at the hospital; so I drove by and was a little surprised to find him watering his grass. So I pulled up into the driveway and he asked what I was doing in his neck of the woods and I told him, "I came to see the sunset." He looked at the sky, then looked at his watch and said excitedly, "we only have about 5 minutes, let's go down and see it!"

It was a beautiful sunset, and it was even more so because I got to watch it with him. I never imagined that I would still have such a gift in my 50th year, that he would still be here to share it with me. As I wrote the other day, I don't use the word gratitude easily or often, but I am truly grateful for this gift.


  1. I debated reading your blog as soon as I saw the title knowing it would be bittersweet as my dad loved sunsets and what I would give to have had your experience tonight. Alzheimer's has been so brutal and it breaks my heart everyday....but after reading your story I realize I've become stronger and accepting of things I can't control.

    Instead of tears, your story made me smile and I found myself so happy for you because I know that you don't take this for granted. You know what a gift you have and you not only treasure it but share it with others. Continue to treasure these moments and make them happen as much as you can....

  2. Oh Donna B.,

    I am so sad for you and for Baron, I used to love when he would come in my office and tell me all about his day and how many gophers he caught, my heart is breaking too.

    I do know how brutal Alzheimer's is, I wasn't as strong as you are and couldn't bear to see my Nana going through it and didn't see her that much, it just broke me up too much. I admire your strength and your ability to still keep such a positive outlook.

    I have worried about posting such things because I know that many people are not as fortunate as I am and I don't want to seem insensitive or somehow flaunting it. But,I am glad that I haven't made you feel that way.