Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 13: Finding That Friday Feeling

It has only been two weeks since my 50th year started, and I am already finding it hard to find something positive that I feel is worthy of writing about each day. While I have found that each day I am noticing the good things around me, it doesn't necessarily translate into something I can write about.

Take today for example. I am not really sure that even I would want to read about the piece of gravel I found today that I think resembles a heart. Does it really look like a heart? Or, as my friend Joe Galliani sees it, maybe it looks more like the Nike swoosh. And, seriously, what would I write about it anyway? Something sappy about love, how it is all around us? How I am overflowing with love? Please. Sappy and I do not play well together. Or, conversely, something pathetic about how I am in such need of it that I imagine seeing hearts everywhere? After all, it's just a piece of gravel.

Heart or Nike Swoosh, You Be The Judge!
So, since it is nearly midnight, and I just realized it is Friday night, and I have spent all day working on the book and am still not done with the WWII ag. chapter, all I can think about is how I miss Fridays. Or, more specifically, the feeling of Fridays knowing that you are work-free for the weekend.

Aside from the steady and predictable paycheck, oh yeah, and the paid vacation, holiday and sick days; having an entire, work-free weekend is the only other "perk" I miss about working for someone else. When you work for yourself, or work for an industry that doesn't stop on weekends or holidays, you work on the weekends.

I usually don't mind it because I love what I do so much. But, when I am working on a big project, say, like a book, it does get to me at times. As I have written about many times before, it reminds me of being in college, you always have papers, tests, etc. hanging over your head, but at least in college, I had definitive breaks, like spring break, ah my favorite.

But, even though I am prone to complain (yeah, shocking I know), I do know that I have one of the greatest gigs around. While I may not have traditional weekends free anymore unless I plan ahead for them, I pretty much get to work when I want to and I just have to remember that if I stay on top of my workload and my deadlines, I can create that Friday feeling whenever I want to, and don't have to wait until a "real" Friday to do it.

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