Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30: 3 Months From Deadline

I seem to be slow at getting things but today I just realized that the end of January will be here tomorrow. It's not like I don't look at a calendar every day. I am a writer, we work on deadline. It's just that I hadn't really "felt" it was the end of the month until I realized it was the 30th and that means our book is due exactly 3 months from today on April 30. Gulp....

It is not that we are behind really. We each have one more chapter to write and then I have the Introduction to write, but our self-imposed goal was for all of our drafts to be done by tomorrow. I think that it is realistic for me to be done by the middle of February and I know my writing partner will be done by then as well.

Then, we need to edit it and get our photos, images, and ephemera etc., my least favorite part of the process. I like finding them, just not having to take photos, buy photos, save them in just the right format etc. I am a writer, not a graphics person and it really stresses me out. But I know it is important to make the book more interesting and that I want certain things to compliment what I have written.

If I had my way I would be alone somewhere just working on the book, but that is not the reality that I live with. 

So, for those people that I ignore, get short with, or that wonder why I am even more insensitive than usual, this sign is a reminder why:

And this one is for me, to remind myself to just focus on this project and to remember the passion that I feel for it no matter who or what tries to derail me (which always happens):

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