Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 27: Being Stuck or Being Human

It has been nearly a month since I started this blog and I have only missed writing one day. Today, I have actually thought about not writing because I am having a hard time coming up with something positive or uplifting to share. Then I started to think about the purpose of this blog. It seems disingenuous to only share happy thoughts, or to ignore those days when I don't feel particularly happy.

I started to think that it might be more meaningful to share everything that I have learned in my 50 years of life. And, one of those things is that not every day is good, or, that even though it's not really bad, sometimes you just don't see or feel the good. That is just life, that is how we humans are. We have a wide range of feelings, and it is actually healthy and "normal" to feel and express them, all of them.

It's not that anything horrible happened or that it has been a bad day, it's just that I feel stuck and that I am not moving forward in the areas that I want to, or am not moving there quickly enough in spite of my efforts and work to get there. I am still not there yet and it annoys me. 

For me, this blog has become my journal, since I no longer have time to write in my journal with writing a book, working on other projects, and writing this blog.

But, it is not my journal, it is not private because I have chosen to share it, and because of that, there are some things that I cannot (well, will not) write here. So, I thought I would share some quotes (yeah, like that's a shock) that I have been using today to remind myself that (as Stuart Smalley would say) "it's okay!"

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