Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 2: Whoo Hoo! Leaf Lettuce in January

With New Year's Day falling on Sunday, but the "official" holiday being today, I am finding myself completely out of whack and forgetting that it is actually Monday. I never need a reason to try to forget Mondays and this really isn't helping.

I always thought that once I no longer worked for "the man" and was writing full-time, that Mondays wouldn't be as irritating as they were when I had to trek to my life-sucking cubicle each week. I was right; they are not as irritating, only about as irritating as they were when I was a student. And, as I remember it, those were some good days, lots of research and writing and reading, but also lots of fun too.

Too bad they don't pay you to be a full-time student. Hmm---- if you look at the tasks that writers do, they are the same. And, just like students, writers are often not paid. And, if we are paid, we are paid little or paid late.

But I digress (I know big shock). The point is that being a writer and working from home gives me incredible freedom and flexibility in return for the lack of actual money and being able to support myself.

The biggest perk is that I do get to go in my garden whenever I want to and that's good since I can save money by growing my own food.

This morning it was another very warm and sunny January day and I was very happy to see my leaf lettuce doing so well. I know my friends and family who live in colder climates are rolling their eyes and sighing since I do live in SoCal, but even so, the raised beds I have don't get much sun this time of year so I tried an experiment to see if there was actually enough by just leaving them in the ground instead of pulling them out like I did the past two years.

And lo and behold, there was enough sun! Because its been so damp and foggy at night and early in a.m., I also haven't had to really water. Check them out. No bolting to worry about this time of year either.

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