Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32: Following Flowing Fountains

Since I saw my doctor last month and got the whole "we are monitoring you more closely now that you are turning 50" talk, I decided to ramp up my walking and increase the duration and mileage on each walk.

As I probably have already written about here (oh yeah, at this age you start forgetting shit, another perk of aging), I downloaded this fancy new app on my iPhone for tracking my walks. It is very cool and just about does everything for you but walk; it gives me distance, time, miles per hour, heart rate, etc. Too bad it doesn't dispense chocolate or hot fudge as I am walking, now that would really be motivational. 

So, today I walked a bit further than I usually do on my "regular" walk through the neighborhood. I live in a typical suburban neighborhood and there's really not that much interesting to look at unless I venture further out. While I want to increase my mileage, I also have a book I am working on and can't take too much time away from it and my other writing projects.

That means I need to stick to an hour or so maximum on my walks. Since I don't usually head west towards the beach when I am walking during my work time for fear I might stay at the beach and not return to work, I have been adding another major block to my walk heading east towards the Del Amo Mall and Financial Center, and other shopping areas along Hawthorne Blvd.

Yeah, it's not exactly the most scenic place, or the greenest, or the most walker-friendly for that matter. There are spots where there is no sidewalk or path to walk on, and spots where there is one but then it just ends abruptly. But, the good news is that by adding these spots in, I got in over 2.6 miles and if I add a little more, will get to 3 miles. And according to my fancy app. I walk 1 mile in about 18.3 minutes so that will work.

Until I increase the walks I take away from the neighborhood and go to places with real natural beauty, I have made it my mission to find things to like about this route. So far, I have discovered that I walk by 3 fountains, and that's a good start.

Fountain at Village Del Amo

Fountain at Doubletree Hotel

Fountain at Del Amo Financial Center

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