Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 36: Taking Tea

When I was walking today, for some reason I was thinking about the things in my life that have been constant and that have never changed. I know it sounds deep, doesn't it. Yeah, it's nearly midnight and I am still working on my last chapter so I don't have time for deep.

What I thought of were the things I like and that I have always liked. At the top of that list is hot tea. I have been drinking it since I was very young. The most interesting thing is why: both of my grandmothers drank it exclusively. It's funny because you could not find two women who were more different, yet they had this in common, and both shared this love with me, something I carry with me today.

I think the biggest tea influence was my grandma Gerber. A very strong and intimidating woman from the Gorbals of Glasgow (aka the slums), but who made sure to have the appropriate tea accoutrements, including tongs for her sugar cubes, tea strainer and creamer because as she told me, you always drink your tea with cream and sugar. And, I have been drinking it this way my entire life.

I never got over the habit and have never abandoned my tea for coffee. I actually am not that fond of just "regular" coffee, but I adore coffee mocha, coffee with caramel, and ironically cappuccino and espresso, basically anything but just plain coffee.

There doesn't seem to be anything that a cup of tea can't help with. Whether I am happy or sad, feeling healthy or sick, tired or energetic, it is my drink.
One of the first things I do in the morning when I get up is put the kettle on, because my tea of choice is black tea, the stronger the better, preferably a good British tea that actually has flavor. One of my favorites is PG Tips.

I have also collected some teapots over the years, I wouldn't say I am an "avid" collector but when I see one I like I buy it. I have also received several as gifts over the years. They all make me smile but even more so when I remember those who are now gone that shared my love of tea and gifted me with a teapot.

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