Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 39: Is Simplicity Really That Simple?

It is amazing to me the number of cliched expressions and new-agey affirmations that seem to come to my mind when I sit down to write this blog. I think maybe it is because I am consciously trying to learn or discover something new every day. It's as if all of the advice and wisdom that I have gotten from others and even learned myself, finally has a place to go.

One of the loudest of these pearls of wisdom is the one that says to simplify your life. It certainly is something I have done in many parts of my life, although in those areas it was (ironically) simple. I think that's because these are in the practical areas. I just seemed to naturally come out that way. I don't need, well actually don't want, lots of material things, I don't want a bigger house to clean or store more stuff that I don't need, I don't want to work at a job that I hate just to collect things that really don't bring me happiness, and I don't want to start worrying about my "things"or about losing them. They are just things.

I really do enjoy the "simple" things in life: sitting in the sun with a good book, a good meal, or a good friend; working in my garden, listening to music, hanging out with my friends and laughing, walking through a city and discovering all that it has to offer; taking a walk through the redwoods, at the beach, under the moonlight, or through a garden; or eating a chocolate dip from Foster's Freeze because it combines two of my favorite things in a simple yet perfect way. I am all about the "twofers" or the "trifectas" which really is the ultimate in simplicity.

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