Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 48: Use Your Inside Voice

As I look over these blog posts, to me, they seem more like long Facebook status updates of what I did each day, instead of offering some valuable insight, information or knowledge.

Maybe I am just not as deep as I think/thought I am and I should be happy if I come up with something meaningful once a week...okay, maybe once a month; that seems more realistic.

So, today might have been the day for my monthly depth. Or, maybe not if you read this and think, "really, is that all you have?" As I was out this morning with my friend Tina celebrating her birthday (Happy Double Nickels again Ms. White), as we were talking, I shared with her one of my personal epiphanies. 

What is this earth-shattering revelation? It is that I have realized that through my life when I have been drawn to either a person, work or a place, without really knowing why, or even knowing much about them, it has turned out that this was exactly the kind of person, place or work that I would be the happiest with, that I am the most comfortable with, and the most compatible with, and that brought me the most satisfaction and just felt right.

Conversely, when I have found myself uncomfortable, unhappy with, or confused about something or someone, it has usually caused me a great deal of unhappiness and the confusion has only gotten worse as time goes on. These feelings are what I call giant red flags and up until about a year ago, I realized I spent most of my life ignoring them, no matter how big they were. I either listened to what other people said, or thought this was what I "should" do, or, I kept thinking things will get better, or I just completely ignored them because I thought they weren't important.

Well, they are important, and they don't get better, if anything they get worse. The red flags are your own intuition telling you that this thing, this situation, or this relationship is not right for you and that you should not ignore them.

Ignoring your own gut feeling or intuition can cause you not only to be in the wrong situation, but can prevent you from being in the right one. 
So, trust your intuition, trust what you are feeling because no matter how well meaning other people are, yes, that means even your parents, your siblings, your best friends, nobody knows what is truly in anybody else's heart or what makes them tick or what will make them happy. As my own personal Messiah always tells me "nobody else can walk in anybody else's shoes."

Hey, they raised my generation on whatever Dr. Spock said (no, not MR. Spock, Dr. Spock) so I am going with his advice!

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