Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53: Becoming High School Friends 30 Years Later

The weather here in the South Bay was perfect today. It was like an advertisement for So Cal living, about 75 degrees, with bright sunshiny ocean views. I never need an excuse to go out and look at the ocean but today was an extra special day since one of my friends from high school (yes, they had progressed beyond one room classrooms even back in my day) came to see me.

View of Rancho Palos Verdes from Terranea Resort
It is a very cool thing. Ms. Laurie and I did not know each other in high school. I knew who she was, everyone knew who she was, because she was one of the "popular" girls, and also one of the nicest. She was even voted "just plain nice" in our class. But, we never met. I was not only shy about talking to boys then, but even talking to other girls if I didn't know them.

So, when I got on Facebook and started connecting with friends from high school, I asked to friend her and unlike many of the "popular" girls who actually blocked me (yeah, I guess some people are still 15) she said yes. And since then, we have gotten to know each other and have become good friends. We don't just share a common past, but we like so many of the same things and both enjoy the simple things, like looking at the ocean, going to farmers' markets, photography, gardening, art, talking and laughing, and supporting each other as we pursue our life's passions.

This is one of the cool things about getting older and wiser. You realize what you might have missed out on and the people you missed getting to know by being too shy, or too cliquish or too whatever. I am so happy we have become friends and we are going through this phase of our lives together.

She is an awesome photographer, but, is so modest about her skills. I think she could do it professionally, and is going to help me with my book by taking some photos of some things I need for some of the chapters I don't have images for.

She had never been out to my area and I took her around to show her some of the great scenery because I knew she'd want to take photos of everything, including this view from Terranea Resort. The ocean was so blue today it didn't look real.

I was sneaky and got a photo of her doing what she does best: One day I hope to join her at an opening for her own photography exhibit.

Laurie taking photos of Mar'sel Edible Garden at Terranea

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