Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 34: Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

I am just going to gloss over the fact that I did not write anything on this blog yesterday. Why? Probably because it literally took me 12 hours to do all of my tax preparation stuff and I did not go to bed until 12:30 this morning.

The good news is that because I finally did do my bookkeeping, we do not have to pay anything this year and all of the receipts and keeping track of my business expenses really paid off.

But, once again I digress. I wanted to write about the fun thing that I did tonight and which I almost wasn't going to do. I went to my local, small theater for a girl's night out and haven't laughed like that in a long time.

I had gotten an email in July about this event which sounded interesting but that I was more inclined to go to in support of the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation and to see my friend who invited me to join.

All I knew is that it was related to Valentine's Day and it was called "Whine and Chocolate," and would have something to do with women, well, comedic women talking about their horror stories from dating.

Well, it turned out to be way more than that and funnier than anything I have seen in a long time. It was set up cabaret style, with tables and before the show, there was food for sale from the awesome Red Car Brewery, and wine and other beverages, plus chocolate and the best cookies I have had in ages from Daddy's Gourmet Cookies.

But, the show itself would have been enough. While it was a kind of stand up, with 5 different performers, it was really story telling, because the performers were telling funny and horrifying real-life stories, it was presented by Tasty Words a "spoken-word salon" created by Wendy Hammers, who is hilarious as are all the performers she had tonight, most of whom are Jewish. I don't know if it's because I am a Hebrew too, and that I just have that same sort of sense of humor, or that I know the cultural references, the Yiddish, or what, but it really was a fun night. And, I recommend seeing her and the rest of the Tasty Words crew, they perform in Santa Monica regularly.

One of the storytellers, Eric Schwartz is a singer/songwriter, and his songs are definitely NOT family friendly, very adult humor but soooooooooo funny. Here's a you-tube of the last song he did, and again it is NOT for those who are offended by profanity and/or sex humor, It is called "Who's Gonna F*** The Singer and is his attempt to make "the perfect soul song! "

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