Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 90: Still Walking It Out

As I wrote about in January, I get so much out of walking. I not only get exercise, but something about being in the fresh air, moving, gets me to thinking more clearly than I usually do. As I wrote then, I discover things, I remember things and I recognize things, sometimes painful and sometimes pleasant, but always important.

It's kind of hard to ignore your own voice when you walk alone, which is something I excel at. Usually I surround myself with other people, work, chores, or anything so I don't have to hear it. That's why in the past couple of weeks, I have walked more than I usually do because I really want to clear my head so that I can listen closely to myself, and do something other than beat myself up for the mistakes I have made. And, so that I can move forward and start writing again.

The ironic thing is that sometimes I still hear other people's voices in my head even when they are not there. Okay, before somebody calls to have me committed (this is mostly for you Mr. Literal), I am not literally hearing voices, but I am once again worrying what other people are thinking of me, my actions, and what they think I "should" be doing or what they think my punishment should be for doing or not doing it.

According to my fancy iPhone app. "Map My Walk," I have walked 35.19 miles in March, and there's still 1 more day left. I just wonder how far I will have to keep walking before I really do start to listen to my own voice and stop listening to what I think other people are saying.

Bat House at Wilson Park seen on my walk today

Yet another Bat House at Wilson Park

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