Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 83: How Do You Really Move On?

I find it ironic that I posted about wallowing just the other day and how I need to stop doing that. And then something happens to make me start wallowing anew. 

So twice in one week, I am learning another hard lesson. I have to walk the walk, I can't just write about something. I have to live it. I can't keep wallowing in my own shit. I created this and somehow I have to find the strength to overcome it.

But, how do I do that when I have been shaken to the core? And, the worst part is that I have done it to myself. I have lost confidence and trust in myself and I alternate between feeling like I have gone crazy, to feeling like I am a hack and a fraud, and that I shouldn't even write anymore.

It's one thing to admit your mistakes, it's another to really get past them and move on. So, I am working hard to try not to wallow in these feelings and to actually keep going and not quit. The real test will be when I sit down and start to write again, and whether I can actually do it.

As always, I am using these cliched quotes to help inspire me. Let's see if they actually help.

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