Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 121: Two Weeks From 50 And Feeling The Family Love

Those who actually read this blog might be wondering WTF happened to me since it has been nearly a week since I last posted anything. Or, you might be thinking, wow, she finally stopped blogging about herself what a relief (note: see my I Me Mine post in which I bitch about others doing what I actually do here :-P)!

So, the fact that I am back might either make you happy or disappointed, and as always, you will either keep reading, or, again, here's another reminder that you can step away from the blog at any time.

As the big day looms ever nearer, I keep thinking I am running out of things to "celebrate" i.e. finding the good in every day to write about, and that now I seem to just be focusing on the feeling that I am in fact, going to be o-l-d (yeah, like spelling it out makes it easier to swallow).

But, then each week seems to bring something that not only makes me feel better, but, that actually makes me feel good. Often, it is the people in my life, and I am reminded that I should grab on to them tightly and just enjoy them while I can.

This week's reminder came yesterday when about 60 Gerber's (including this soon to be 50 year old Gerber) attended the latest "Gerber-Palooza." The occasion for this latest raver was to celebrate the 90th birthday of three beloved Gerber's. Yep, 3 of them! My Uncle Sam (my Dad's big brother), his wife, my Aunt Hazel and my late Uncle Lou's beloved wife, my Aunt Julia, all turn 90 this year so my cousins threw them a big bash.
As always, I am in awe of my family. Not only for their longevity (which I certainly hope is genetic), but for our ability to always enjoy being with one another; no matter what the occasion and no matter what is going on, and no matter if there is a lot of alcohol involved (which it certainly was yesterday). Everyone is always civil and glad to be together.

I know what a gift my family is and I work very hard at not taking them for granted. No matter what is going on in my life, even when things are really, really bad, or how busy or how far away I am, I never forget this gift.

I love to hear the laughter that emanates from any room we are all in, and the love that I hear each of them express for their children, grandchildren, parents, cousins, brothers and sisters. It really is unconditional and constant, one of the very few things in my life that has been.

I also was struck at how full of life all 3 of the 90-year old's are and it makes me realize how ridiculous it sounds to be moaning about turning 50 when they are nearly twice that age. They keep showing me that (if I am as lucky as they are), I have so much more to go. I can't wait.

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