Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 144: Sharing Too Much Or TMI Revisited

“I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about.”  ~ Oscar Wilde

A week and a half post-50, and I think the big 5-0 celebrations, lunches, and gifts are finally over. I have to say, that the best part about reaching this milestone is having people in my life who want to share it with me and who have been so generous with both their time and thoughtful gifts. I am very grateful for that and feel very fortunate to have such wonderful friends and family (both near and far) that have made this birthday so special.

As I wrote about last week, I have been pondering about blogging beyond the big day, or, actually, pondering what to write about. Since my workload has not decreased and did not stop while I spent the past week celebrating, my time is still limited for this blog. I still have a book to finish, a 20 x 20 garden plot to work on and the Senior Garden Program to plan to work that garden, plus my "regular" writing work (such as it is since all my print publications have folded). But, although my time remains limited, writing this blog has been therapeutic, and gives me a nice break from it all.

And as always, I grapple with how much information is TMI. Believe it or not, there are many things I don't share here. Which probably surprises the people who know me best. I often am told I talk too much, or that I "yammer," and since I got my fancy iPhone last year, am told to stay off of it, that I check into Facebook too often and share too much on it.

But, part of becoming 50 is that I no longer feel like I have to apologize for who I am and for what I like to do. And, if people don't like it, they can choose  not to spend time with me, or, if they think I post on Facebook too much, they can hide my feed or even (gasp) unfriend me.

As Popeye says, "I am what I am." And, what I am is verbal; I like to use my mouth. I seem to recall many  people in my life saying that is a good thing and that talking is good. I find it so ironic that I do talk so much because as a kid, I never talked. I was like a living and breathing statue, and my family was always worried because I didn't talk. This comes to mind another tired (but oh so accurate) cliche: "Be careful what you ask for."

Ah, but again, I digress, and am starting to get off on a rant, or as Dennis Miller used to say (back when he was actually funny) "I don't want to get off on a rant here....That's just my opinion. I could be wrong."

One of the things I have learned in my 50 years is that the whole point of being in relationships of any kind, is to share. Otherwise, why be in them?

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