Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 133: Two Days From 50 & Running Away

The big day is now 48 hours away and I am getting ready to go to the airport to fly off to San Francisco. I figure if I go to a place where I always feel alive, maybe I won't feel so o-l-d come Monday!

And for those who thought they might dodge a bullet, I have finally learned how to schedule blog posts ahead of time, so I have written one for Monday. Oh yeah, you ARE living the dream.

But, I will not be posting "live" since I am leaving my laptop and tablet here and this soon-to-be 50 year old has bad eyes as it is, old or not, and trying to blog on my iPhone is a bit over the top. Instead, I will probably annoy the hell out of my Facebook friends by checking-in and posting photos of where I go. And, I can always annoy others via text or email!

I decided to go to San Francisco instead of having a party or some other celebration because one of the lessons I have been reminded about during this whole birthday thing, is to do what makes you happy as often as you can.

Plus, this way, if I leave town, there's no way anyone can give me a surprise party or something like that! I am taking a cue from this guy and escaping!!

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