Saturday, December 31, 2011

On The Eve Of My 50th Year

Even though I have done everything that I can do to avoid the inevitable, the inevitable is going to happen. So, while not exactly embracing it, I have decided to accept it and in my own, cynical way; celebrate turning 50.

While the big day won't happen until May, the constant reminders over the past 6 months, (the latest coming last week from my doctor who, at the conclusion of my physical nonchalantly said, "hmm, next year we have to start giving you some more regular tests once you turn 50") have spurred me into action.

Why a blog? And, why now? Well, those of you who have known me for at least the past decade know that I usually come up with a "motto" each New Year; intended to motivate me, or to celebrate some change or big event, or at the very least, help me survive. They usually rhyme, i.e. "Going Canine in '99," "No More in '04," and "More fun in One-One." Yeah, I didn't say they were good, just that they rhymed.

When I thought about "2012" or really, the word "twelve" I couldn't think of a word that rhymed, other than "delve" which I am already doing, and which quite frankly, I am tired of doing. So, I thought about taking a new approach (yes, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks).

June 1963, 13 months old and already wearing a patch on my bad, left eye and already sporting the famous pout.
I am a writer, so why not write every day about my experiences turning 50? Not just bitching about it (again, a shocking concept considering this is me) but what's not only good about it, but what's good about each day or what I learn each day. And, these don't have to be big things, sometimes they might be, but even the simple things that make me smile or laugh, or that make me think and feel like I learned something.

I also am hoping this blog will help me in the writing process as I write my new book, hoping that it gets my creative juices flowing again.

I will share the good (and maybe even some of the bad if its important enough) each day and that means sharing photos, links, etc. so if there's a topic that you want to add to, please do, especially my friends that are turning 50 along with me in the coming year. This means you my Cleveland High Class of 80 peeps!

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