Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 167: One Month (+1 day) Post 50

Ah, nothing like starting out a post by repeating the same tired cliche: "time sure does fly," especially as one ages. I remember how the days seemed to crawl as I awaited my 18th birthday and then my 21st. But, once I turned 21, and especially once I graduated from college, it seems like somebody set my clock to warp speed and it hasn't slowed down since.

I meant to post this yesterday on the 14th which was actually "one month post 50!" But, I was just too busy and too tired last night to stay up and write. So, since it is my blog and nobody is the boss of me (that was for you Missy), I am writing it now.

I am not sure what I expected when the big day came. Did I think I would suddenly feel "old?" Or, that I would suddenly be wise and stop making the same stupid mistakes I always do? Yeah right. I may be 50 now, but I am still me, mistakes and all, over thinking at times, and not thinking at others, and always, over committing and over doing.

I am also beginning to realize that while I am working hard on changing some things that I don't particularly like, that I am also coming to some reluctant level of acceptance of others that I either cannot or will not change. And, depending on my mood, I choose which to focus on.

When I am feeling like working hard on being what I think would make me a better person, I have found some quotes to inspire me to keep changing for the better:

Conversely, when I am just tired of thinking and just feeling "spent," this one makes me feel a whole lot better (thanks to my buddy Howard for posting it on his FB wall on his 50th birthday):

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